The Life Saving Onion

My great-grandfather John Callas immigrated into the country from Greece after World War II. During the war, Greece was invaded by Germany and John was put into a concentration camp. Food was scares and the prisoners were treated poorly. The officer of the camp was tiered of his food being bland and repetitive. He sought out a new cook for better meals. John being a great cook was brought to the kitchen so they could test him to be the cook. Upon going through the ingredients he found out that half of them were rotten. With this knowledge he used onion heavily to cover up the rotten taste. John told his daughter (my grandmother) that if it wasn't for those onions that he would not gain the officers trust and become the cook. Once John was the cook he stashed some of the food away for the other prisoners. With him never being caught the war ended with him keeping a few of his friends alive but his hatred died with him for he saw how the Germans beaten his friends. With this John moved to the United States after the war and told his daughter his story.

Year: 2016

– John Kallios

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