The Laxmi Idol

This is an idol that is placed in the puja room or the prayer room at my house. This Laxmi idol was given to my dad from his great grandfather. Now that he’s not here with us, it is supposed to be passed on to the oldest daughter in family which is me. The story behind this idol is, when my dad’s great father was about thirteen or fourteen years-old, he made this Laxmi idol with clay. This idol gave them success and prosperity in life after he made it. When he was breathing his last, he told my grandfather to give this to my dad. My dad used to take this everywhere he went. He believed that this small idol of goddess Laxmi will protect him and his family from anything bad. When my dad was breathing his last at a hospital, he gave this to me so it could protect me and my family. He told me to always keep this idol close to my heart.

– Shivani Patel

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant