The Just for me relaxer

When I was two my mother started to relax my hair to make it straight. “I didn’t know what to do with it” she said. But that wasn’t her fault, she was raised to do the same thing to her own hair and never learn to care for it naturally. I received my enlightenment in 2014, when I took a pair of scissors and cut off all of my permed ends. Everyone was shocked at what i’d done, but now as an adult, my family still asks “what are you going to do with your hair”, to which I reply that there is nothing to do because it is who I am. When I look at the box of “Just For Me” relaxer, I think back to my childhood because it was the first relaxer product I ever used, and i’m sure there are thousands of of women just like me who can say the same.  I see it as a man-made creation with the sole purpose of chemically altering what God has already perfectly made. So if my hair offends anyone, I suggest they take that up with the man upstairs. I am living in my natural state, with no fear of expression.


– Whitney Lee

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