Coffee set

A 24k gold antique coffee set
A 24k gold antique coffee set

The object that has been passed down is a handmade 24 karat gold coffee set. The coffee set came from my great great grandmother. She passed it down to my great grandmother who passed it to my grandmother, who passed it to my mother. It only gets passed down once the child gets married, if they choose to take it. 
Originally, it was supposed to go to my aunt but she didn't want to take it because she thought it was ugly. The tradition is that the first born daughter gets it when she gets married. If she chooses to not take it then the second born daughter takes it. If there isn't another girl in the family then it goes to the first born niece. However, my mother is a rule breaker, and if I didn't want to take it, then she was going to offer it to my brother instead.
The only other information we know is that it came from Palermo Sicily. My grandmother got it on her wedding day, July 31st 1971, and my mother on July 7th 2007. We don't know much more about the antique coffee set, except that it's been passed down from my mother's side of the family for a few generations.

Place(s): Palermo Sicily

– DD.

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more