The Hundred Year Old Locket

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Family Artifact Paragraph
Family Artifact Paragraph

My family artifact is more than one hundred years old. It is a very valuable locket. It is pure gold with two silver flowers on the front of it. The locket is very fragile. You can press it and dent it. I have done that before. They are not permanent dents, but denting it could break the locket. It is a gold oval with simple designs on it. My great great grandpa was a jeweler, he made the locket. My great great grandma had the locket, and now my mom does. We are not sure who else had the locket. The picture in the locket is very special to us. It is one of the only baby pictures we have of my great grandpa. It is one of the only objects we have from my great grandpa’s family. Maybe one day I will get the locket, but for now it sits in a giant can in my mom’s bathroom with all her other special stuff so that no one steals it. When I get that locket, I will wear it a lot. When I am done wearing it, I will put in the safest place in my house like my mom does.

Place(s): Brooklyn, NY

– LM

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