The flag of Puerto Rico

Relationship: Im/migrant
My beautiful country Puerto Rico
My beautiful country Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Spanish colony that was first discovered by Christopher Columbus. The Puerto Ricans are American citizens although the relationship with the United States is more similar like one of the 50 states. 
I came to the US in search of an opportunity to progress economically. I worked really hard for my family, dealing with a lot of emotions. I abandoned my beautiful country Puerto Rico.
The change from Puerto Rico first to Springfield, MA and then to the Berkshires was a process of adaptation for me and my son but despite the difficulties it was an amazing blessing. 
I learned a lot from this beautiful country full of very good people.
For a better one to come for me and my family.

Place(s): Puerto Rico, Springfield
Year: 2015

– Mariam Orengo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant