The Couch

The couch
The couch

My family's couch is a very important part of my life as I use it every day, along with my family. In Fact it is probably the most used item in my house, that's if we ignore the fridge. When my family first moved into our new house about 4 years ago it took us a long time to move in. I remember when we finally finished setting up the TV and the electricity to it. After that we all just kinda sat down and watched TV for a while. The couch is an important object in my life because it is really comfy, it's nice just to come home after school and just sit down. Like I have said before, it is used by our whole family which includes my cats, these cats have to be the laziest cats in the world, every day when I leave the house they are sleeping on the couch and when I get home they are in the same place that they were when I left them. I think they like it for the same reason I do, its nice and soft. Its the perfect cushion. So in conclusion one of my prized possessions is my family’s couch which we all use. Every day.

– Colin Klink

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