The Conch Shell

In Fun

             The instrument of which I would be speaking is the Conch Shell that comes from my inheritance. What the instrument is a shell, each shell plays a unique tone and this is determined by the size of the shell. The conch of the shell is most commonly played in areas around the coast but is a vital part of the music of Garifuna. Honduran music takes most of its elements from African and European nations and combines them in a style of its own. They do it using Spanish rhythms. Traditional Honduran musicians use unique instruments like the marimba and the conch shell.                My dad is from a place in Honduras called Tela, he told me about this instrument that comes from Garífuna music. We celebrate these events in festive and carnivals we use these instrument as well the shell and other instruments. The conch shell is a symbol that means the shell of the sea in Honduras is love and fertility.                Finally, this object connects to my identity because it is part of my culture. The conch shell is part of the music that my family and I listen to and dance, but it is more than just an object for me and my family. It's part of the family. It is part of my Honduran heritage. When we use this utensil, it makes family events more memorable. 

Place(s): Honduras
Year: 1980

– Nicole Cuellar

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant