The Chair that Lived

This old hickory chair has been reupholstered and is now missing the rockers which once adorned its legs, but it's in pretty good shape, given its storied history. The chair was taken from Kentucky to Kansas in a covered wagon in 1869 by James Mason, my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. That journey is documented on one of it's legs (secondary picture). Later, the chair traveled to Lorain, Ohio where it survived the Lorain-Sandusky tornado of 1924. That deadly tornado killed 85+ people, including every member of my grandmother's family except her. Family legend holds that my 13 year old grandmother's life was saved by another piece of family furniture- a sturdy old couch she was lying on reading when the house collapsed. She has always been a bit deaf, and did not hear the call to run for the cellar.

Year: 1869

– Julian Jackson

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