The Bookshelf

Relationship: Im/migrant

The object I decided to choose is a bookshelf. I put some special books of different writers on this shelf which represents the most special and sweetest moments of my life. 
In 2016, when I moved with my family from Bangladesh to New York, I had brought these books with me. Most of thee books are given to my two daughters by me as their birthday gift or for any other special occasion. I wrote something on the first page and thus each book is more than just a book. There is an emotional attachment with them. These books have special value because we gathered so many interesting experiences through reading and sharing these books.
I always keep these books in a safe place. It is a way of keeping our sweetest memories alive. When my daughters get older, these books can bring back the memories we had together in their childhood. These book mean a lot to me and I think they will also mean a lot to my daughters when they get older.

Place(s): Bangladesh, New York
Year: 2016

– Zebun

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant