The best dog

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

When I was young, my dad brought us a dog and this dog was one of the smartest out of all the other dogs we have. I l grew up with him, he was one of my best friend, maybe many of you guys be like "WHAT? Are you crazy having a dog as a best friend" well why not! You can play with them, they listen to you, and he always the one who always there for me when I need him or when I don't, he just there. For many people, dog is just a normal animal but believe or not we can actually understand what they are thinking, maybe many people will ask "how can we understand what they are thinking we are humans and they are dog?" Well if we have a lot  of connections with them we can actually read their mind even though they can't speak to us but if we try to open up our heart and mind to able to understand what they are thinking even though we are humans and they are dog. But sometime is hard to understand them. In my life, having him is a blessing because he help me to connect my relationship with my family and he brought a lot of joy and happy to our home. The best memories we have is that me and my siblings we like to play hide and seek with him, it's actually really fun. Having him in our family is a pleasure. 

– Monica

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant