The Bavarian Lederhosen

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An example for a Bavarian Lederhosen
An example for a Bavarian Lederhosen

My object which represents my culture, my country, my family and myself is the Bavarian Lederhosen. I am an immigrant from Bavaria, a part of Germany. I lived there for 17 years and now I live in the United States. The Bavarian Lederhosen is a part of the traditional clothes from Bavaria. English people would say, it is short or knee-length, leather breeches. However a Lederhosen means for Bavarian people more than just clothing, it is tradition. It is a very special moment for Bavarian people, when you choose and buy Lederhosen. Ever when I put my own Lederhosen on, my feelings are the same as the day I bought it.  Bavarian people don’t wear Lederhosen only on Oktoberfest, they wear the Lederhosen at every special event the whole year. It is like the same as shirt and tie so ever when I see or wear my Lederhosen I remember me at all the beautiful moments, like my mom’s wedding, the game where my favorite soccer club rising up in a better league. It also reminds me of the Bavarian festivals, where my friends and I went to drink beer, eat pretzels and listen to Bavarian music. Bavarian Lederhosen is a must have for people in Bavaria. If I wear my Bavarian Lederhosen next time, I know it will be a beautiful moment and I hope it will be soon. 

Place(s): Bavaria
Year: 2019

– Niklas G.

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child