My Great-Grandma's Ring

In Attire

Over Passover, I was in my grandmother’s room looking for an object that represented my family’s story. In her jewelry box, I saw a ring that I’ve never seen her wear. I lifted the gold ring with a puzzled look on my face. My grandma took my hand and put the ring on my left pointer finger. She said to me, “This is your great-grandmother’s wedding ring. She smuggled it out of Russia in commitment to your great-grandfather and the family.” I was young when my great-grandmother passed away, but any memories I have of her, were always in my house, or by my grandma’s house helping with cooking, the children, or just sitting to talk. My grandma believes that the reason everyone was able to fight through the hardships of the beginning years living in America was because of my great-grandma’s ring. My great-grandma represented the ideal mother, wife, worker and person. When my great-grandparents, grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, came to America with just the clothes on their back, it was extremely hard for them. My great-grandma kept her own family together, other immigrant families together by being kind and generous. She was also extremely rooted n religion when it came to family; the Sabbath was the most important day for her because it required family meals. Sometimes I do things in her honor and hope she’s watching over me to help guide me. I’m a big believer that the symbolism of heirlooms often leaves rippling effects on generations to follow.

Year: 1955

– Rashelle

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