The Baptism Necklace

Gold chain Virgin Mary pendant
Gold chain Virgin Mary pendant

In February 2005, my mother Erenira Cervantes immigrated to the United States with her family, from Mexico. When she told me her immigration story, we both got very emotional. My mother had to be separated from my sister and me in order for us to take the safe way across the border and get to my father faster since he was already in the U.S. She went through a very traumatic experience and to this day, it's still very hard for her to talk about it. She has not seen her parents in 14 years, but she is grateful that they are still alive, as she has already lost her grandparents, cousins, and friends. My mother also told me about the Virgin Mary necklace I always wear. When someone is baptized or receives any of the 7 Sacraments, we receive a necklace with a pendant of either Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary. There is a lot of significance within it, which is why I never take it off, not even to sleep. This necklace is for us to always feel protected, to always feel safe, to ask for help or guidance when we need it. It's something very beautiful to own. Unfortunately, my mother lost her necklace and was never able to find it. However, she said she feels like she never lost it because her faith is strong and she believes that even without it, she’s always protected.

Place(s): Michoacan, Mexico

– NC

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child