The Amazing Sketchbook

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This is a photo of my sketchbook
This is a photo of my sketchbook

So as many others have cool items, something important to my identity is my sketchbook. This story happened a week before school started, I was hanging out with one of my friends that I knew since kindergarten, we went to different schools after kindergarten but we still kept in touch. So me and my friend were hanging out that day, first we went to a cool ice cream museum where we got to try different flavors of ice cream such as pink vanilla and others. Now this story isn't about the ice cream there but what happened afterwards. So with my friend we head on the train because we were going somewhere to eat lunch and probably somewhere near 86rd street I spot a staples. Now I didn't have a backpack for school yet and still needed one so I ask my friend if it's ok to head there. She says it's fine so we head over to staples to look at backpacks. When I was looking at the row of backpacks I spot a rack that holds multiple sketchbooks. So I quickly negate my attention towards the sketchbooks and start looking at them. I knew I needed something to draw on since I love drawing regularly so the entire point of the trip to Staples got completely altered. So I look around at the sketchbooks and see one with a hard black cover and many pages, I didn't really like how the other sketchbooks look so I really wanted to get that one. So instead of getting a backpack I end up getting a sketchbook and it was the first sketchbook I actually bought. Now whenever I look at the cover I'm reminded of that weird ice cream day I had where I oddly went to staples.

Place(s): New York

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