Tembleque is a Puerto Rican dessert
Tembleque is a Puerto Rican dessert

Tembleque is one of my favorite desserts and is very fun to make with family, it is made with simple ingredients and is relatively easy to make. It is widely known through Latin American countries as a firm and creamy coconut and cinnamon infused pudding. My favorite is when it's made by my grandmother, every year during the holidays or when I want something sweet she makes me a mall bowl of the custard that cools my stomach. My great grandparents were born in Puerto Rico (as was my grandfather), and my great grandmother often went back and forth to her homeland with her six children, teaching them about the culture and lifestyle. My grandma learned a lot from those visits and understood the hardships and poverty that went on there. I even got a chance to see for myself in my own trips, where I stayed with my Titi Lulu, a long time resident of Puerto Rico, who lives without A.C. or strong internet service, or even reliable electricity. It was much different then the city, but just like back home I was met with the sweet taste of Tembleque. For both poor households, one in the tropics and one in the concrete jungle, both found Tembleque as a a welcoming food and a comfort for everybody. 

Place(s): New York, Puerto Rico (Aguadilla)

– Ariana Arce

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more