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Television with price is right
Television with price is right

“Television rots your brain!” Something that parents constantly tell their children. I grew up typically staring at screens, playing video games, watching Youtube, and watching my favorite television shows. I don’t see this as a problem, since I have so many positive memories from these shows. Even though they are far from my favorite shows, there are two that have a different sense of nostalgia than the rest: The Price is Right and Tom and Jerry. I would watch these two shows religiously with my grandfather and they are my fondest memories of television.  Love is an integral part of a home and though I did not live with my grandparents full time, it always felt most like home with them. The majority of my family felt the same and cousins interacted more as siblings than distant relatives. When The Price is Right aired on television, we would trickle down the stairs one by one to eat lunch and oversee our grandfather watching the beloved show as a daily ritual. But my grandpa didn’t only watch during the summer, he would also watch it when I was sick at home. Those memories of us both yelling different prices at the same time, saying “I told you so!” when we were correct, and yelling at the contestants on the show when they would make a dumb move brought my grandfather and I closer together. Memories of being at his house and listening to his jokes with a goofy smile are unforgettable.

Place(s): Las Vegas

– Jordan Rodriguez

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant