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family photo albums
family photo albums

My family is a big family. According to my dad, My great-grandmother had 10 kids while her sister had 11. He says that it is possible that I probably have 40 to 50 cousins that I have never met before, but with these photo albums I am able to repaint the picture of my family tree. 
These are family albums that have been in my family for years. There have been new ones created, old ones re-organized and stuffed with more photos way before my I was born. These albums are a collection of family history. 
In these albums you can find photos from weddings, to vacations, to graduations, to new births, funerals, and family reunions. From embarrassing elementary pictures to naked baby photos, past homes and housing lifestyle, old friends and big 30, 50, and 80 year old parties. Everything and anything about the family can be found in this collection of photo albums. In these albums I am able to find people I've never met that are part of my family like those 21 great aunties and uncles and cousins. I am able to put a face to my great-grandparents that I have never met and see my grandparents when they were toddlers. I am able to see facial features being passed down from generation to generation to my face, to my nephew's face. Taking tangible photos and archiving them in these photo albums may be outdated in this digital new world, but this collection to me is a collection of albums are better than any history book that could ever written about the Williams family. -Diane Williams 

Place(s): American South,, St.Thomas

– Diane Williams

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