My object is a teacup that has been passed down multiple generations in my family.  The teacup has a beautiful floral print on each side of the teacup. Most of the colors on the teacup are pastel greens and pinks. The edges around where you drink are a bit rusty and the teacup shows of old age. We don't drink out of the teacup but it sits on a shelf in our living room as a representation of our family. 

It’s always been a tradition in my family that at some point in in your life you will get a teacup from your parents passed down to you whenever they feel it is the right time. My great grandma gave the tea cup to my Nana and Papa a long time ago. Then, a couple years ago for Father's Day, they gave it to my dad. My great grandma has multiple teacups and gave one to all of her children (4 children) and their spouses. My dad, his sister and all of his cousins each have one too. My great grandma is now 93 years old and lives in Pennsylvania. She still has some of her collection of teacups at her home with her. She has a different teacup for some occasions. 

The teacup is a big representation of our family and is a large part of me and my family. I am part German and this teacup is from Germany. I want to go to Germany someday, so it kinda reminds me that someday I will get the chance to go there.

Year: 1910

– A

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more