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Tea mug

 My object of comfort during these times has been my tea mug from Vienna, Austria. My family is from Romania, but we have had a close relationship to Austria since my father left Romania in the late 1970s. In 1980, I moved to NYC from Romania. However, I have been going to Vienna throughout my life, always in the summer. My parents and brother live there now for part of the year.  During Christmas 2015, I finally went there in the winter! It was beautiful. My cousin’s daughter, Mara (who is named after me), was also visiting from Romania. This tea mug is special to me because it reminds me of the Christmas and Winter markets we would go to together during our time there. In Vienna, there are many Christmas markets throughout the city. They are outside and decorated with lights and winter decorations. People sell handmade objects, clothes, toys, games, jewelry, Christmas tree ornaments, and many other little gifts. There also are stands with food and hot drinks like hot chocolate, punch, tea, and a traditional drink for adults called Gluhwein. This tea mug I got at the Prater Winter Market, which is in an amusement park. The mug has pictures of the Prater ferrris wheel (which is a huge ferris wheel that has a breathtaking view of the city and the Danube river), and the Liliput Bahn (which is a famous steam train). Here at home in Queens, NY, I love having tea in this mug outside or reading a book on my couch. It makes me feel cozy and takes me back to those wonderful memories of feeling the cold winter air, warmed by strolling through the markets with our hot tea. 

Place(s): Vienna, Austria
Year: 1980

– Ms. Chiriac

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