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"Double Happiness" Red Envelopes and Box for a Gold Necklace
"Double Happiness" Red Envelopes and Box for a Gold Necklace

My husband and I are children of immigrants. When we were planning our wedding we wanted to have the best of both worlds - an American style ceremony and reception and something traditional for a Chinese wedding. We decided to incorporate a tea ceremony into our reception to ground and humble ourselves on the day that is suppose to be "all about us", while showing our deep respect to our parents and grandparents. 
During a wedding tea ceremony, the bride and groom serve tea to their grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and older siblings. The family members drink the tea, share a blessing with the newlyweds, and bestow a gift onto them. Gifts are usually in the form of a pair of red envelopes with money inside or gold jewelry to symbolize good fortune.  
The wedding tea ceremony is a significant way to show respect and gratitude to the newlywed's parents for all their years of love and care. The tea itself also symbolizes purity (belief that love is pure), stability (symbol of the faithful love between the couple), and fertility (the hope for many children to continue the family name). 
In the picture is a pair of red envelopes with the character for "double happiness" and a box for a gold necklace. 

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant