Relationship: Im/migrant

My artifact is called Tasbeeh and it is from Pakistan. This artifact was just hanging in my living room for 6 years. It meant nothing to me. But then one day at school my teacher asked me to bring an artifact for our Immigration unit. So one evening, after school, I went home looking around. As I looked around I thought what might be a good object to take to school that represented my culture. I found Tasbeeh which has become an important part of my life now. It was literally in front of my eyes in the living room as if it was ready to be chosen as an artifact for the class project.   My mom bought it 10 years ago in her country (which is Pakistan) to use it for prayer. She brought it with her when she came to America.  This Tasbeeh is made out of 103 beads.  The beads are strung on a thread and tied together at one end with a beautiful knot that holds the two sides of the thread together. The way we use this object is that while we are praying to God we count each bead and send our wishes and hopes for our family and relatives.  
This Immigration unit changed me because before this unit I looked at this Tasbeeh as an ordinary chain made up of beads that took up space in my living room. Now I look at it differently.  I have learned that Tasbeeh is part of my family and it is an unique used for prayers that my Mother uses as she prays.  I value this custom in my family. 

Place(s): Pakistan
Year: 1997

– Aayan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant