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My grandpa's tango medal keychain
My grandpa's tango medal keychain

This object is something that has very significant meaning behind it. It was a gift from my grandfather, who comes from Israel. It is a keychain medal for tango dancing that he bought for me when I was younger. Dancing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was three years old. I did many different genres of dance. Contemporary, jazz, and ballet were genres of dance that I have been committing. When I received this medal, I cherished it as a symbol for me to keep dancing. Israel has a component in my life, and I am proud to be a part of that community. I am grateful that I am allowed to communicate with my family members in a different language besides English. Hebrew has been my second language ever since I adapted to it. Whenever I am in Israel, I can always talk to others in Hebrew and understand what people say to me.  I am grateful for having this ability, and it is truly a privilege to be bi-lingual. Dancing gives me the feeling that I can let go of everything that is going on and feel the music. This medal is put on a little pin-board in my room, and I always look at it to get the motivation to start dancing. It reminds me of my grandfather, my Israeli heritage, and my passion for dancing in general.

Place(s): Israel
Year: 2006

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