Sweet Bread

I identify as Black-American and Bajan. My mother was born in America and my father, in Barbados. Being Black-American is also synonymous with being unaware of your family's ethnic origins due to the acts of slavery and the stripping of all remnants and culture of Africa that came with it. Consequently, the ethnic origins of that part of myself is unbeknownst to me and would require extensive retrospective research and a large sum of money. However, because my father is directly from Barbados, it is easier for me to explain my ethnic origins using this part of my identity. My father and my grandmother migrated to America in the 90's and did so in search of the better life that was "promised" with coming to this country. They landed in Brooklyn, New York City, as many immigrants do, (especially Caribbean immigrants), and began their life here in search of the American dream. Unfortunately though, I feel that this dream was never found and doesn't exist. Yes, America may be a safe haven for many immigrants ... and yes, America may have more financial opportunities than other countries, but this country also endures many hardships and issues of its own and, when it comes to opportunities, native-born citizens are the priority. Thus, many immigrants are forced to settle for low-paying, arduous jobs that no one really wants to do. They are left to struggle which is truly unfortunate. But despite this fact, the best of the situation is always made.

Year: 1993

– Tia

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