Sweaters for Babies

In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My father’s brother came to the U.S looking for a good job, making good money to support his family back home in Mexico. My father’s family was very big, he had 12 siblings including himself, but everything changed once his mother became sick and eventually died. When my father’s mother died it was his 12 siblings and his father, his father was not the greatest so one by one he and his siblings left for the US. As most immigration stories people immigrate to another country because it contains prosperity and hope. I believe, that’s why my dad left to the US, so he can live a better life and be free from his burdens that Mexico had. My father didn’t meet my mom until the age of 18, they were both still kids in a new environment. Long story short they got together had a baby and got married. Since it was the early 90’s and fashion was infamously known for being awful, my parents bought my sister a sweater. Now looking back at it the sweater is pretty ugly but it has a ton of history.  My sister wore the sweater, then my cousin, then my brother, then my other cousin, and another cousin, and finally I got a chance to wear it. You must be thinking, this is kind of weird a bunch of babies wearing the same hand me downs for nearly a decade. All of those babies grew up. They grew up and learned from people who sacrificed so much for them. And my parents have given so much to us, the amount of debt is unspeakable. 

Year: 1984

– Armando Zurita

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant