Stuffed Platypus

Relationship: Im/migrant

I lived in Idaho for about six years of my life. I lived there before Kindergarten until fourth grade. I was in third grade when I earned a small stuffed platypus which was a prize for winning a spelling competition in my class. This tiny platypus has followed me all the way to Minnesota from Idaho. Miraculously I still have it in my house with me today. 
I ended up giving it to my four year old brother when he saw it in my room, picked it up and said, “This is mine now” and walked out of the room. Whenever I go into his room and see it sitting on the floor in the corner, I am reminded of how bitter sweet it really was to leave Idaho. I really don’t have any objects besides that stuffed platypus that I brought to Minnesota 5 years ago. We held a massive yard sale before we left because we couldn't bring every item we had with us to Minnesota. That stuffed animal is one of the only things I refused to sell. And  is probably the reason it is so important to me. 

Year: 2012

– Connor Roberson

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant