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Stuffed animal (goat)
Stuffed animal (goat)

Back in around second grade my mom and I went to this church for an opera. During intermission, my friends all went to the restroom and while they were away I wandered around the floor. Since I've been there a couple of times I knew where things were and where not to go. I walked past the vending machine and the opera singers selling raffle tickets and as I was walking past the table selling baked goods, the table selling merchandise caught my eye. It was probably because all the items were so colorful but I thought they all looked interesting so I went over to the table. As I was skimming through the items the man who ran the table asked me if he wanted the stuffed goat (aka the "opera mascot") on his shoulder for free and I said yes so he reached over to his shoulder and bent down. Gently handing me the goat I thanked him and as I was walking away to put the goat away I thanked him again, but he probably didn't hear me.
Bellah is still with me to this day, and when I see her a lot of the times I remember how I got her and thank the man for the millionth time. Who would've known that a stuffed animal that they give to a 7-8 year old could be their best friend?
(I'm not lonely and I don't talk to stuffed animals physically) 

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