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My object is a stuffed animal that I got when I was very young.  It has a blue onesie on and a dog face.  Normally I don't really like dogs but this one is my favorite.  Its name is Coby, and I named it after my aunts dog, Coby.  My stuffed animal is absolutely light and has some beads in it.  Each time I shake it or move it,  would make a rattling noise.  My stuffed animal is also soft on the onesie but a little firm on the head. It was handmade, when I ripped it or teared it my aunt would have to sew it back up again. I don't remember anything about who or where I got it. All I remember is that I would take it everywhere with me. It's extremely  important to me because no matter how much I use it or break it, I would still love it no matter how worn out it is.  My stuffed animal may only cost $10 but for me it would cost $500 because it is meaningful and I wouldn't trade my current stuffed animal for a brand new that doesn't break or rip.  I treat my stuffed animal like it was my family, and in my culture family comes before anyone else. When I was younger I remember that when I got sick I could always have my stuffed animal near me so I wouldn't feel alone. Coby represents remarkable memories of my childhood.

– DB

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant