Strega, a chocolate piece of candy
Strega, a chocolate piece of candy

My item is Strega which is a candy as well as an alcoholic beverage. Strega is Italian and you are only able to receive Strega in Italy. The wrapper of the candy is a bright yellow and has “Strega” spelled out on it in big, bright, red letters. This candy, just like a lot of other types of candy, comes in different flavors and sizes
My parents and grandparents on my dad's side are Italian and my grandpa came to the United states  in 1961. He was able to get some Strega from Italy to bring to the United states when he moved here. It was a major change for him as well, especially all the food and drinks and definitely no Streaga that he was able to have. It was very different from what they are used to. My great aunt and uncle visited the United States last year and brought us quite a few pieces of The candy and we also have some left. Strega is a chocolate candy with pieces that are crunchy with light chocolate in it, it's almost like a crunch bar but with completely different chocolate and crunchy parts and even a little more hard and thick then a crunch bar. 
This helps us to know what type of candy my family in Italy ate when they were little. My grandpa also brings Strega candy to us a few times when we visit or during holidays. My family has drunk the beverage before and they have stated that  it is very strong. When my parents visited Italy they brought the drink Strega back home with them after staying with family.

Place(s): Italy
Year: 1961

– Rosalia Di Paola

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant