Christmas Eve Dinner Plate

When my grandparents downsized from a four-bedroom house to a one-bedroom condo a lot of objects had to be donated or sold. There simply was too much to possibly save. Only the most important made the journey to the new home. One item that made the cut was the china set we use every year on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is incredibly special in my house because it is the one-day a year my Nana makes dinner for the whole family. She is a great cook but according to my mother sometime in the ‘80s she revolted and refused to cook anymore. But every year on this one day she brings out the Christmas set and makes the food she loves from her home country. My Nana grew up in Viernheim, Hessen, Germany. She came over to the United States when she was 22 years old and while she has not regretted the decision to make her home in the US there are certainly things she misses about Germany. However every year on Christmas Eve we all get to know what her life in Germany tasted like, in the form of goulash and späetzle. Goulash is a kind of beef stew and späetzle is a soft egg noodle that is run through a Spätzlepresse in order to make small noodles. The china set needs to be hand washed and therefore is only brought out once a year on this very special of occasions. Simply looking at the plate makes my mouth water and will always remind me of my Nana and the traditions from Germany she incorporated into my life.

Year: 1952

– Hillary

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