Sticky Rice

Sticky rice basket
Sticky rice basket

When my family immigrated to America from Laos, they carried with them all of their Laotian traditions. One of my favorite things that my family introduced me to is the smell of hot steam rising from a fresh batch of sticky rice. Any dish can be served with sticky rice, whether it's made with meats, eggs, or sugar. In most Asian cultures, sticky rice is served in a bamboo basket at any family gathering. A steamer basket, also constructed of bamboo, is used to prepare sticky rice. To make sticky rice, you can't just use any kind of rice. We use Thai sweet rice from our local Asian market. Some people may be confused by the name sticky rice. Sticky rice sticks to itself rather than your hands. As a result, you can roll your sticky rice into small balls and grab a piece of chicken to enjoy. Sticky rice is designed to be eaten with your hands, after all. There are no utensils required! Some of my non-Asian friends have also tried sticky rice, and they enjoy it. They always ask whether we have sticky rice when they come over because it is such a simple but delicious dinner. I enjoy living in a predominantly Asian city because the culture is timeless.

Place(s): Laos

– GC

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