Statue of the Virgin Mary

This is a statue of the Virgin Mary which my family has kept most of my life time. You can see, that overtime it has begun to chip and it does have some smudges. This statue, as simple as it may be, has been with my family through both good times and bad. It represents our religion and faith in God. My dad at a young age came to the United States. He did not finish high school and came over as he saw more opportunities here. It was difficult to find a job and to in general to live life comfortably. The lack of money and work truly made it a struggle for him. He had to learn how to use money and anything he owned wisely. Not only did he migrate but also my grandparents. They came in the mid 1900s. They luckily had enough money to buy a small house and overtime, as they worked, were able to buy the one we live in today. They were able to give birth to my mom here in the United States, so she easily became a citizen. Even with that my mom struggled to find work, my grandma became sick, and my grandpa's job was not enough. All this being said, our faith kept them strong. Eventually both my parents and my grandpa were able to find good jobs. My grandma unfortunately passed away 9 years ago and with that, our faith helped us through it. The statue represents our religion and how my family and I keep strong and always trust in God. Back then God helped and even now he continues to. Looking at this statue reminds me and my family of how God has carried us through all times.

Year: 2016

– Victor Estrada

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