Statue of Liberty,Chinese food

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

My parents decided to send me to the United States alone for better education and opportunities when I was 15.  The language problem and the negative news reports such as the New York Asian home invasion and the New York subway shootings made me feel very scared and resistant to American life. I couldn't understand the meaning of freedom when I first walked through the chaotic streets of the city and saw all kinds of eccentric people in order to see the Statue of liberty. As I learned more about American culture - American music, sports, and freedom of thought, I transformed my resistance and fear to an enjoyment of the freedom of life and culture here. I admit that American culture is slowly changing my mind, the Statue of Liberty guiding my thoughts. I was like a bird trapped in a rainstorm but when I rushed out, I found that there was a wide open sky allowing me freedom to fly. 

Even though a bird flies far away, it will never forget where its home is. Chinese food and my family has become so ingrained in my stomach and heart that I think I will never forget the fact that I am Chinese. Chinese culture seems to have become a part of me that cannot be separated. Especially every time when I missed my family or I was discouraged by tests, I would go to Chinatown to eat some Chinese home cooking which reminded me of the time I was staying with my family and made me feel their supportives. Chinese home cooking really cures my homesickness. I think the reason that I will never forget I am Chinese is because of this special family feeling caused by Chinese home cooking.

Year: 2022

– Mike

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