St. Thomas Recipes

The macaroni and cheese is a just a dish that means a lot to my family and especially my father. Macaroni and cheese reminds me of my mother making for me, and it tastes delicious. When she makes it, it means that I care about you and I love you. At the same time, it makes me feel sad because it makes me miss my father who passed away. I think about the times when he used to make it for us. When he died, we all came together and made macaroni and cheese. The other dish, curry chicken with coconut rice and beans, reminds me of my culture and St. Thomas U.S.V.I. where my family is from. I go to parade and the festival every year. The parade is called carnival and it is put on every April at the end of month. When it is Carnival, my aunt makes it for us with seasoning and it taste so good. My family goes every year to carnival and it is fun and exciting. It is important for me to go there because I can celebrate my culture and my family and be with everybody I love. We go to the horse show and boat show. We go to the village and eat food and have a good time. The curry chicken with coconut rice and beans is also something that we make when we are not in St. Thomas, which is good because it reminds me of the great times and memories we have there. This is a good object to put in the museum from my family to yours. My object is so interesting.

Year: 2015

– Kiara

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