Rice wine soup

Relationship: Im/migrant

My story is going to talk about my grandfather. He was a businessman and used to live into the west of China. After having my father, he moved from west to east of China. The food we called in English is Rice ball boiled with wine, which is one of the tasted and symbolizes food in China. It usually cooked during the New Year time. It could be a memorable food for everyone who lived in China. The meaning of this food is to stay together, connect together and this is why it is a round shape. Every New Year, families sit down, having a wonderful dinner in somewhere such as the home or a restaurant and we always will listen to my grandfather’s story during that time while we discuss. He said it is a hard but memorable time for him. Certainly, he can cook, especially this dish. He usually serves the dish with some dispersed egg into it, which is very tasteful. This food is a representation of a small part of my families culture but also it’s a Chinese cultural heritage. 

Place(s): West China to East
Year: 1964

– Haotian Yang

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant