Soviet Union Army Medals

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My objects are my great grandpa’s medals from the Soviet Army. He was given these medals for his bravery and service in World War 2. These medals are very precious to me because even though I got to meet my great grandpa, I never got to talk to him about his life and these medals tell me a bit more about him. Even though my parents and grandparents tell me stories about him and what he was like, these medals show a different side of him. Which is not the sweet, typical great grandpa, but a strong man who risked his life for his country. These medals also mean a lot to me because when I am around them I feel his presence, almost like he is watching over me. I love to think that he knows who I am, who I have become, how much I love him and would’ve loved to known him. Another reason that these medals are meaningful to me is because they are one of the only things we have left of my great grandpa. These medals also make me more conscious about my history and identity. The connect me to my great grandpa and tell me more about him as well as myself. 

Place(s): Soviet Union
Year: 1989

– J'BR

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant