Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Just a standard backpack
Just a standard backpack

During their trip to Mexico, my parents had decided that they weren't gonna go back to their home country, Honduras, and thus decided to go to the United States to visit their siblings, and potentially even end up living there. After confronting with an individual who helped them gain access to a plane, they had to wait a couple days till their tickets arrived. During that time, my father bought a backpack. After showing it off to my mum, they had thought of placing miscellaneous items for the trip. Not having enough money to actually buy anything (Besides the backpack) they had begun to "borrow items permanently"  (That's what they said). After taking a couple items for the trip, they relaxed until their transport had arrived. Little did they know that they had to cross the border to arrive at the airport. After the vehicle arrived, they had went off to the airport. "The trip to the airport was much more dangerous than we would have imagined. Not only was it dangerous, but we eventually had to go by foot...." my Father said. He never went into detail about what went down, so I didn't ask. They ended up boarding a plane and went off to Los Angeles, where they had friends to take them to New York and from then on they began a new life. My father ended with this "Had I not bought that backpack and taken a bunch of stuff for the road, me and your mother wouldn't have been here talking to you like this".

Place(s): Mexico,Honduras
Year: 1993

– Ivan Ortiz

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant