Soup Joumou

Soup Joumou
Soup Joumou

     My mom's side of the family is from Haiti. Soup Joumou, is a kind of soup Haitians eat on our independance day (January 1st) or on special occasions. The soup is comprised of all the kinds of food items that in the past, slave owners did not allow Haitian slaves to eat, such as potatoes, carrots, beef, different kinda of noodles, squash, celery, cabbage and more. It is my favorite!

     My grandma came to Florida from Haiti by plane, marrying the attorney that was helping her get her citizenship in Florida. Then, my grandpa who was her legal husband in Haiti, flew over to Florida as well and my grandma divorced the attorney and since she was a legal citizen, married by grandpa again in America. Soon after my eldest aunt, auntie Sherly flew on a plane from Haiti at 9 years old to come stay in Florida with my grandparents permanently as an American citizen (she was being taken cared of by one of my other non-blood related aunts in Haiti until she could come to Florida).
     After this my mom was born, then my uncle and finally my auntie Jasmine. They lived in Florida a majority of their childhoods before moving to New York, then Connecticut, then New Jersey until they finally settled in Brockton Massaschusetts where they have lived ever since. My mom wasn't able to tell me the reason why they moved around so much, but I assume it had to do with my grandpa being able to find work.

Place(s): Haiti

– NL

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant