Sonam Losar

Relationship: Im/migrant
Traditional clothes worn during Losar
Traditional clothes worn during Losar

Sonam losar falls on the first full of the 10th month of Nepalese calendar. It is the new year. It is celebrated for full 15 days. It is celebrated in Tibet and Nepal. Only certain ethnic groups celebrate Sonam Losar. The first 3 days are most important than other days. For celebration of Sonam Losar, most families start to prepare the traditional food called Kapse. On the First day, all my family wake up early and make a plate with all the traditional food. We let the grandparents or the eldest people to pray and after the prayer then we all eat and get ready to go to our great-grandma's house to get blessing from her. We all have to wear our traditional clothes during Losar. Me and my family get to meet all my relatives during the visit. The second day, it is the most fun day, as I get to go to my grandparents from my mom's side to get blessing. I get to meet all my 17 cousins. We play card games or just talk with each other and get the blessing from our grandfather. In, Losar people go to their elder's house to get blessing and have fun with the relatives.

Place(s): Nepal
Year: 2016

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant