When you hear of the word Sofrito what's the first thing that comes to mind? Does it sound like a food? If I didn’t know better it would sound like a Spanish dance or some sort. Sofrito is actually a food which is more like and ingredient you add to food to give that authentic Spanish flavor well at least in my home. Sofrito are use many in foods. Sofrito can be brought or made homemade. It consist of tomatoes, peppers, fresh garlic and cilantro. The word Sofrito is derived from Spanish word meaning to fry. To many Sofrito may just be an active ingredient. It means so much to my family because it's the only thing that keeps us link to our Spanish heritage that we are so limited to. The aroma when your cooking with Sofrito alone just gives the smell of a Spanish home. This is what I picture when I smell the aroma of Sofrito in the air. A home in Puerto Rico to be, the aroma of Sofrito in the air, my family sitting in chairs on the front porch and waiting for some one to call us in for dinner. My late grandfather was the only thing that connected us to our Spanish heritage and he died very long ago so anything we would of knew went with him, we are unsure whether he was born in the U.S or migrated here. So forever we will carry the name Lozada and hold or head high. Our last name and Sofrito is all we have left of our Spanish culture that we are very limited to!  

Year: 1990

– Sheniqua Lozada

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