Soccer ball

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this is not the original soccer ball.
this is not the original soccer ball.

This soccer ball may not be the real ball that represent our family but soccer represents us as a family. My grandpa brother was who put our last name known in our country Guatemala. My dad came from Guatemala, when I was 2, for a better life for me and my future. I stay back with my whole family back in Guatemala. Everything started in the year 2000 when my uncle (my grandpa brother) score 4 goals and won their very first game for Guatemala in the indoor soccer world cup. After that he played in the most important teams in Guatemala and for the national team. Since then our whole family is all about soccer, all of my grandpa brothers including him play soccer and now their sons play soccer and me. My dad brought me here when I was 12 years old to make my dream happen of being a soccer player. Thank you to my dad and with the help of God I will do everything it takes to go pro on soccer and put my mom and dad last name known in the whole world. And hopefully play in the World Cup with the Guatemala National team. This is why I’m here to make history happen and for my family legacy. 

– Danniel Rivera

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child