Silver Spoons


My family doesn’t really have an elaborate immigration story about one of my ancestors. When asked to complete this assignment, I immediately thought about the DNA results that my sister did some years ago. Me and my sister are vastly majority English and Welsh, but we also are about 10% German with some other ethnicities mixed in. And the story of the Silver Spoons comes from that 10% German.
Although the Silver Spoons are not of major significance to my family, we did remember them after some thought for this project. My great-great-grandmother was born in Germany. And for reasons we are unsure of, she came to the United States through Ellis Island around 1870. She was not very weathly, but one of the few things she did bring over from Germany were these Silver Spoons. They have been passed down the family through my mom’s side for generations and are slightly dinged up, but they are still in good condition, for they are no used very often. 
As I mentioned before, my family doesn’t have an elaborate immigration story. In fact, the story of the Silver Spoons is the only one we really have. My family has been in the states for generations and generations, for so long that we have lost all other stories of how we came to be Americans. We even have a family lore that we are related to George Washington. So although the Silver Spoons are not of huge significance to my family, they are an interesting aspect of the story of my family. 

Place(s): Germany, Ellis Island
Year: 1870

– GT

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more