Silver Pocket Watch

Scratched but Still Ticking: Significance of an Old Silver Pocket Watch Ever fleeting, time is the most valuable thing that a person will ever have. A willingness to pay every ounce of resource on the face of the planet is still not enough to get back even the smallest measurement of life. Yet, most of the individuals that make up our society exchange their lives and time for wealth through means that imprison their ability to have joy. In this process, they fail to realize that time wasted acquiring wealth through channels that are unfulfilling leads to the most extreme poverty. Five years ago, my grandfather gave me a symbol of this ideal: a silver pocket watch that he received during his service in World War II. Even today, it continues to tick as a reminder that every second that passes matters. Every second wasted is time that could be spent working towards what you ultimately want to do or ultimately want to be. This conviction has shaped much of my life in the past and continues to shape my life in the present. Most recently, and perhaps most importantly, it has inspired me to stop pursuing a safe career in medicine and instead pursue what I am most passionate about: running a business. Although this watch is only a small token, to me it will forever represent the key to ultimate happiness and success: understanding that time is the highest level of wealth attainable.

Year: 1939

– Dominik Makocki

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