Signed Soccer Ball

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 signed ball from the league
signed ball from the league

My signed soccer ball
I like to play sports, more specifically soccer. So when i started my new season, I was exhilarated to find out that my coached play for a pro team in England called Leicester City. They had just won a championship in England's biggest league, The Premier league. The main coach was a defender named Cristian Fuchs (he retired) and some of the other coaches or side coaches played for smaller pro teams not in premier league. All together, they trained my teammates and i to dop the best we could do. We dominated the season with 25wins to 2 losses and 1 draw and ended up in the final. The coaches said “If you guys win, we will bring balls back from England and sign them for each member of the team to keep”. This motivated us and we ended up winning! This was super amazing and exciting for everyone on the team and we were eager to get our trophies and in a few weeks, our signed soccer balls. I have never used the ball before because I don't want the signatures wearing away and having no use for the ball, so I've left it in a cabinet for now until I want to display it. And this is why 2017 was the best year
By Henry Borredon Shmurun

Place(s): Ney York City


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