Short-term Apartment Rentals

This is the Old San Juan, which is around the area my parents first bought their apartment.
This is the Old San Juan, which is around the area my parents first bought their apartment.

Every immigrant family has a unique story, whether it is related to the difficulties of leaving their home country or the struggles of starting a new life. For my parents, as a 1st generation immigrant, they struggled to adopt this new change because they first arrived around 1989 in Puerto Rico. With only 10 dollars in their pockets, it was difficult to work under the books, and study in school, due to the visa. Unsatisfied with their income and work, my parents took out a loan, and spent most of their money to buy another apartment to rent out. Advertise was difficult, so there were times that my parent's apartment was empty, but they were lucky enough to have stumbled upon the internet, and put an advertisement online, which became a great passive-income, and so they took out more loans, and home equity to buy other apartments. Fast-forward to our current time, and they have successfully started their small real estate business, and love their careers. As a family of 6, I can say that it was difficult seeing my parents go through hard time, but somehow they managed their business, kept their marriage together, and support their kids. As a proud son, my parents always integrate the idea of doing things I love, getting out of your comfort zone, and take educated risk. Of course, I made my parents story sound easy, but I am sure there were many other problems that they had to face, and to multiply 10 dollars into a business is very impressive to me. 

Place(s): Puerto Rico, China
Year: 1989

– KM

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child