Shichi-Go-San photos

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Shichi-go-san Photo
Shichi-go-san Photo

 These photos were taken in 2013 and 2015 in Tokyo, Japan when I was 5 and 7 years of age. In Japan we have a specific tradition for children called Shichi-Go-San  ( trans: seven-five-three) where prayers of growth and good health are granted for children of odd numbered ages. My mom’s half of the family participated during the expected years of Shichi-Go-San, carrying photos that represented good health and future wealth in their homes and for family members. This event occurs on November 15th and because odd numbers are auspicious in Japan, the odd numbered years are an important period of time for children ages of 3,5 and 7. Children wear their gala dresses ( picture below ) and are given chitose-ame ( trans: thousand year candy ) which are long thin strips of red and white colored candies. Red and white are also auspicious color combinations and all factors indicate and provide opulence for future causes. Although my mom had to immigrate to America in the early 1990s for education opportunities, we still visit Japan in the summer and practice the religion that my mom also had done as a child.   

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