Taj Mahal Memento and Bible

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Taj Mahal Memento
Taj Mahal Memento

I am sharing two objects that are sentimental to my dad who left India to come to America in 1990. The first object is a memento of the Taj Mahal that my dad was gifted by his co-workers at Maruti Udyog Limited. My dad worked at that company with his 5 best friends. That memento represented the close-knit community, opportunity, and friendships my father had. The second object is a Malayalam bible. The bible was given to my dad by his mother along with 5 rupees as a parting gift. My grandmother was the one who urged my dad to leave to be a support system for my uncle. My grandmother viewed prayer as an essential part of success, therefore the bible was the only thing she could think to gift as dad ventured on this new journey. My dad still reads and prays from the bible that my grandmother gave him all those years ago with the 5 rupees intact. These objects are reflections of my father's close ties that he left to start a new life. My father's immigration story is unique because he did not leave India seeking a better life but rather left his comforts in India to start a new life from scratch in a foreign country heeding his mother's concern. These objects were a sentiment of love from friends and family which is why he values its presence in our home and its insight on our history. He ensures that I value my roots as an Indian just as I value my identity as an American. These objects will always serve as reminders of our roots, our history, and our family in India. 

Place(s): India
Year: 1990

– Tina

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant