Golden Cow sharpener everyone loved
Golden Cow sharpener everyone loved

  When I first came to New York it was 2009, it took me a while to get into my elementary school since my parents didn't know that schools in America required so much information. Eventually when I finally got into my first class in America it was so different from China, kids were sitting on a mat instead of on chairs that are suppose to be row by row! Man, there were so fewer students in a class room compared to China, and the classroom was like a playground, kind of. Well, everything was new to me and a lot of things were surprising, one of which I particularly still remember to this date is that American schools don't have good sharpeners? I brought my good old Golden Cow sharpener to America and it soon gained a lot of popularity from my classmates once someone borrowed it from me and shared with everyone. The sharpener was effective and simple to use, just plug in the pencil and spin on the tail of the cow. Typical sharpeners that were widely available in the school that weren't electrically powered were not easy to use at all. Those thumb sized sharpeners that had or didn't have a "trash can" were harder to spin and they often broke the pencil. Even after it was done perfectly the sharpened pencil still wouldn't have a good shape of lead to allow smooth writing. My Golden Cow was just better in all aspects, it even had a bigger "trash can". Well, unfortunately it got used way too much and people even used it for color pencils and crayons which destroyed my cow :(

Year: 2009

– Huiyang Lin

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