In Attire

My Uncle Rodrigo, came to America in 1994 at the age of 23. When he came he was looking for a job and he found a job in a bar. In that bar a lot Americans used to work and he felt a little bit uncomfortable. The problem began when people from his job started to ignore my uncle, Every Time my uncle tried to talk to them , they didn’t reply or they just say “ok”. He hear people saying that he was an immigrant and he didn't belong to New York. There were making fun of his accent when he talks and also the way he dresses. Years pass and he didn’t know what to do. He was all alone in a new place. For years he faced this problem not only in his work but also in his community he used to live. Time pass and he was thinking on changing his job, he spend weeks looking for a new job and he thought that will solve the problem but it didn't. He realized that no matter where he goes people will always discriminate him for being hispanic. Finally he save money to start his own business and it went well for him and now his english it’s much better because he entered college to study and now he is successful in life. This scarf my uncle used to wear during winter when he was going to work. He says that this scarf brings him a lot of memories when he came to US. The scarf has skulls because he likes rock music and he used to dress like that all the time.

Year: 1994

– J.Picon.

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