Relationship: Im/migrant

This object is important to me because it is from Ali, my best friend in Yemen. My scarf symbolizes friendship. My friend gave me this scarf, because he doesn't want me to forget him. My scarf has triangles and black tassels. My friend gave to me the scarf before I came to New York when I went to the airport. Ali has the same scarf I have, so we can remember each other.                 

The person who made the scarf is Ali’s mother because Ali made her make it before I came to New York. He wanted to give me something to remember him. I felt sad when Ali gave me the scarf because the time he gave it to me I was leaving. It is important to me, because it is from my country, and it is from my friend. When I look at my scarf, I think about my friend.  Ali likes to play soccer, so  I gave him a soccer ball to remember me.  I use the scarf every time I go to pray, and I think of him. The scarf makes me not forget my country.                                  

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2017

– Mohamed Algahim

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant